October 2020 Favorites | A Review

  1. Milk Makeup Flex Concealer: I’m a little late in the game on trying this one, but I love it! I found it at TJmaxx for under 10 dollars. I got the shade Golden Nude, and I love the brightening glow that this concealer gives my skin. It is a medium coverage with a yellow undertone with just the right undertone for brightening. It lasts all day and is super bendable over just about any foundation that I’ve tried! I like to set it with a yellow toned brightening powder to really make me look awake.

2. Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation. This was another random discovery for me. I had only tried the Milk Stick Foundation (which I think is just OK, and can be drying on the skin) – I didn’t have high hopes for this one because I know some people prefer the stick. I was pleasantly surprised – this one isn’t actually super matte on my skin. I have dry skin but it felt way more hydrating than the stick foundation. I really love Milk Makeup’s foundation and concealer undertones, so I think the color really flattered me as well. The formula can separate a little bit but you just have to blend it all together on the face and I absolutely loved how this looked.

3. Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in the shade Mellow Wine. I heard someone mention that this shade in specific was all of the hype. It is a mellow cabernet colored blush. Deep but also still muted, somehow. I think this is so flattering on my skin! I don’t recommend the other colors from wet n wild but they really blew it out of the water with this specific color. It goes on lightly and I never apply too much – but give it a try because it flatters most skin tones and is very affordable! Easy to throw on, too.

4. Maybelline City Bronzer in the shade 200. There is a shade lighter and also one darker in the same bronzer, but this shade seems to be pretty standard as far as bronzer goes. I LOVE this bronzer! It is affordable but performs like high end. It never looks warm toned on my skin which is amazing. I just love the color and tone this gives me – a perfect natural bronze that matches my skin tone perfectly. This is comparable to the Fenty Bronzer that everyone loves in formula. It is bendable and matte but also what I’d call natural matte. Highly recommend if you haven’t tried this!

5. Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Ring the Alarm Palette. I seriously don’t know why I picked this up but it is SO fall, and I have been loving it. This palette might seem super ancient, but the shades are orangey-vibey- and amazing hues for fall. I love the color story and these still perform very well. The only shade I don’t use is the pink one. I adore the deep plum shades and the gold shade in the middle. The browns and oranges are so every day friendly. I just wanted a palette where most of the shades were easy to use for every day fall looks.

Hidden Makeup Gems | September 2020

  1. Melt Cosmetics Ultra Matte Gel Eyeliner in Burnish. Oh my word! This is another one of those eyeliner shades that most people don’t realize will really make their eyes pop without looking un-natural. Especially green eyes. But this reddish brown shade is so beautiful as an eyeliner or even all over the eye. The formula is a bit more goopy than your normal gel eyeliner but the liner lasts all day for me. You can use this for every day wear and not be afraid of the color!

2. Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix Setting Spray. I love this brand. But this setting spray is a hidden gem! I feel like no one talks about this but it makes my skin look like pure glass skin! It melts my make up into my skin and magically takes away anything unnatural about my look while giving me a super glowy base. I love this!

3. Nudestix Nudies Matte All Over Blush Color in Sunset Strip. If you like the look of a late summer sun kissed/sunburn glow then you would love this faux sunburn blush. This is a trend and I’m loving it! Dot this all over the middles of the cheeks and even stipple over the nose for a cute babyface look. This color is perfectly sunburn and suntan mixed together for a natural looking beach day burnt look. They last all day, too.

4. Pat McGrath Sublime Mini Eyeshadow Palette. This is on Sephora right now for only 14 Dollars. If you want to try out Pat McGrath – go buy this inexpensive version with a wide variety of her colors and shades! This is an amazing palette for the price. The packaging is plastic but I don’t mind at all because the quality of these shimmers is literally stunning. This brand is so so good and my eyes look like they have a whole new dimension when I wear these shades. They are so pretty and reflective and last all day on the eyes.

Anti-Haul | My Makeup Wishlist

  1. The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Gummy Bear. I’ve smelled this and. it literally smells like a giant grape gummy bear. It does lean on the grape side, but the gummy bear flavor is there. I wouldn’t say that the smell is inaccurate at all. This lip mask is a dream. I’ve previously owned vanilla, but the gummy bear is fruity and smooth and hydrating and is calling my name.

2. Natasha Denona Bronze Eyeshadow Palette. This palette is a golden dream in my opinion. I don’t even mind that all of the shades are somewhat similar. I love these kinds of tones on my eyes (especially for fall)! The only shade that I don’t love is Rhodium in the top right. I don’t tend to use gray toned shimmers. That said, I love every other shade so much. The shades Sun Tan and High Degree swatch absolutely beautifully. I definitely want this more than her newest cool toned palette.

3. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder in Honey. This caught my attention even though I have light/medium skin. I know it is meant for potentially deeper skin tones, but I adore a banana powder under my eyes (I feel that it brightens my skin). I like the yellowy tone and prefer it over a translucent or peachy shade – so I have a feeling this will be right up my alley.

4. Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Setting Powder. Another, more expensive setting powder (from what I’ve heard this is totally worth the price though) It just seems to completely perfect and smooth the skin – I’ve seen so many reviews of this powder. It’s like rubbing a magic filter over the undereyes and I’m so down for it!

5. Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Body Mist. Who doesn’t love the lotion that Sol De Janeiro makes? And let’s be real – we all just love the scent. If this is long lasting then I’d love to give this a try! It looks so juicy and the macademia/brazilian Beachy scent always causes someone to comment on what I am wearing when I wear the lotion they make.

The Concealer that I’ve Been Melting Over | A Review

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer: I have dry skin and this works for me! I have been wanting to try this concealer for so long – and I finally have – and it is AMAZING. I seriously cannot get enough. This covers with such a soft, mousey texture but it sets down without me needing to powder. I love the little pot that it comes in. It is such a luxurious but also extremely convenient product ( you can literally dip a finger in and GO ) I just think this is beautiful on the skin and I highly recommend this! Perfect undertones. I have the shade “Macademia” – the names are so cute. It is a medium neutral but I do like a darker concealer for my light/medium skin.

The jar is made of glade and is a super satisfying open. This concealer is more creamy than it looks in the pan. It really is “soft” and “supple” – bendable, and gooey, but in the most flattering way possible! I like this more than the radiant creamy concealer by NARS (even though that one is also amazing).

Don’t let potted concealers get a bad rep. This one is too good!

Sephora Bestseller Mascaras that are Actually Awful | Yikes!

Lancome Monsieur Big – I tried this for the first time during a sale last week where this was half off. I have heard so many wonderful things about this mascara but I ended up not thinking it was worth even half the price. The wand is super fluttery and Iow impact for me! This is advertised as volumizing but it is not at ALL! If anything it may be lengthening but I didn’t think it did a great job at either one. I seriously do not understand the hype on this one! It barely did anything to my lashes and my lashes are very long.

Benefit’s Roller Lash – what in the world is this?! I just found this to be absolutely not good. The wand barely has bristles so it doesn’t add any volume to my lashes. I know this is a favorite for so many people but it doesn’t grab onto my lashes at all – I don’t enjoy the rubbery wand either. At least it isn’t advertised as being volumizing…


Try this instead. It’s 5 dollars. I really like most of Essence’s Mascara’s but this one is foolproof and super lengthening.

Best Burgundy Eyeliners for Enhancing Eye Shape

I’m a huge fan of deep burgundy wine shades for my eyeliner. (Think, deep purple and almost brown but still has warmth). These shades are perfect for green eyes – or really any eye color. I find that the eye becomes enhanced when the eyeliner is not just black or brown – but depth gets added with these specific tones that I’ve discovered. Here’s my list of the best!

  1. Morphe Eyeliner in the shade “Date Night.” This is about 5 dollars and it is my all time favorite eyeliner! It is a rich plum brown that makes your eyes pop. I like to line under my eyes with this shade and wing it out. I find that it creates a softer but still bold look without having to put a black under my eyes. I can put this all over my under-eye without it looking too bold or too smokey. The formula isn’t super creamy but it does have nice staying powder.

2. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in the Shade Alkaline. This shade is a bit more berry toned than the Date Night shade. It runs more reddish but it looks super similar to date night on the eye. It is a deep berry that doesn’t make you look sick – it enhances the natural eye shape. I find that this is creamier than the Morphe liner but I think the staying power is about the same for both shades. Again – this one is more red berry undertones but it gives a similar effect. I like to add some black liner over this to really make it pop.

3. Charlotte Tilbury eyeliner in the classic Pillow Talk. Even Charlotte knew that this tone of eyeliner was a flattering one! This is a ruddy berry brown that is super matte and has incredible creaminess and staying power. It dries down more than the first two suggestions and it is fairly expensive but it is a bomb looking eyeliner.

All of My Blushes | A Review

I wanted to review & swatch all of my blushes, new and old for you guys. Berry tones galore!

  1. Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush in Rose Latte. This is my all time favorite blush. I absolutely adore the deep brownish burgundy undertone which to me, gives the trendy look of a sunkissed cheek (literally looks kissed by the sun). But I also look very tan when I wear this blush (apply with a stipple all under my eye area and across my nose). The staying powder is incredible and I just find the finish to be so flattering and glossy but it does set down on the face. It sort of combines a bronzer with a blush, but this is hands down my favorite item that I purchased in 2020.

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Achiote. This one looks super old because it is. I got this when an Ulta lady matched my skin tone with my first blush so long ago. It is still my favorite powder blush that I own! The pink just pops out at you (so vibrant and looks so flattering on my light/medium skin tone!) This color is not your normal muted pink – instead it has a lot of depth to it (undertone is a pinky brown). I just love this color.

3. Butter Lip and Cheek Balm from Beautaniq Beauty London. I got this in an Ipsy bag and it has grown on me in recent days. This is a peachy blush on the face ( I know it looks darker in the pan ) but it comes out to be super peachy when I dot it over the cheeks. This is really pretty! The formula is way more sticky than I’d generally prefer for a cream blush but I still use this and enjoy the peachy hue it gives my face.

4. Almay Healthy Hue Blush in Wild Berry. This is one berry toned blush! It’s perfect for that sunkissed returning from the beach vibe – I love the sunburnt look this gives me! I know the packaging isn’t great, but I highly recommend considering the drugstore price point and the fact that I never over-do the color since the formula is super sheer.

5. Tarte Amazonian Clay Sampler Blush in Shimma and Shake. This is a sample from Ipsy but blushes last forever so I haven’t gotten close to hitting pan! This actually isn’t super shimmery despite the name. It is more of a muted peachy pink (you have to build this up to get it to show) but I have been enjoying the tone of this, especially in winter when I’m more pale it adds a nice glow to the skin!

6. Tarte Amazonian Clay mini size blush in Quirky. This blush is a bit more similar to my Achiote shade, but it is slightly less vibrant (still packs a pinky punch). I enjoy this blush – it runs almost a cute bubble gum pink on the cheeks.

7. Ciate London in Date Night. This is my most shimmery blush. It could almost pass as a blush topper since it is very sheer and very shimmery. I find that it gives a rose gold hue to the cheeks. This is probably my least favorite blush.

8. Kaleido Cosmetics blush in Primadonna. This is also a super shimmery blush, but it is more pink than the previous blush. I like this one for a sheer pinky glow and think it is super pretty for a natural look!

My Top Favorite Foundations of All Time | A Review

  1. My top favorite foundation and the one that I’ve repurchased the most is the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick. This is so easy to apply! (Just stick the foundation all over the face and blend it out) Super blendable, and the colors are so skin-like. This was formulated for photos and for movies and for looking up close at faces and for that reason it is completely FLAWLESS. Very creamy, but lasts all day long on my dry skin. This is a long time cult favorite for a reason.

2. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. The shade range = incredible! I love a good yellow-toned foundation base instead of a peachy toned base and these all run way more glowy and skin like rather than peach toned. For this reason this foundation is far from dull on the skin. This is a creamy liquid formula that brightens the face in a professional looking way – make up artists love this one!!

3. Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation: Pricey, but very wearable for every day as the formula is super thin and light/medium coverage. It is a silky finish with a bit of a glow, but the finish just looks extra smooth and very natural (as if nothing is on the skin). These last me a long time, and I like the blend these out with a brush. If you like a lighter coverage then you will love this for every day! It is mature skin friendly because it just gives this amazing natural lit from within smoothing perfecting base. I reccommend concealing the undereye with this because it is so lightweight.

4. Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. I’m a stick foundation fan, obviously – and this one is no joke! Coming in a close second for my stick foundation rankings, this stuff is amazing. It is a little bit less creamy than the Make Up Forever stick, but the finish is more matte (not too matte) and is illuminating from within. It isn’t glowy but the undertones really make the skin shine from within and it is a good medium to full coverage. Love this!!

5. The NYX Born to Glow Naturally Radiant Foundation. A Drugstore GEM! The first time that I tried this, I couldn’t believe the color payoff and the brightening effect that I got. This product feels light on the skin, is creamy, super glowy but not too dewy that it falls off of the skin. The applicator is just a squeezy tube, so take that into account. I think this is the best drugstore formula on the market!

What I’ve Been Loving Lately



1. Loreal Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation. I can’t get enough! This is my top new favorite. If you’ve tried the Kosas serum foundation and liked it then I have found you a DUPE. I have very dry skin so the serum consistency of this makes me look super dewy. There is something unique about the undertones of this foundation that are very brightening and flattering on the skin. I have the shade Sand and I’m not usually this dark in shade but I use it when I’m tan and it looks like I just got back from the beach when I wear this – it is seamless and is just so smoothing and flattering either to throw on in the morning as a sunscreen or to use as a foundation to set with powder. Love it!

2. This is the Kevyn Aucoin Contour II (I found this at TJMAXX for $7) I think it was originally about $50.  This is older and was a random find, but it has changed the game for me. I LOVE THIS so much. The cream contour is beautiful. There is a nice picture in the front of the booklit that I use as my guideline for contouring.  The cream hilight is next to the cream bronzer and I just use my fingers to tap that under my eyes, on my nose and wherever I want a glow. There is a powder contour that you can use to set the cream, along with a powder hilight that I rarely use. (I like the look of the cream). The undertones of these contour colors are magical – you would assume they’re too ashy and cool toned but that is really what makes them flattering and allows you to shape the face.

3. JOAH – All Brushed Up Creamy Concealer. This was under $5 at my CVS – it is a K Beauty brand that they sell at CVS. I really like this concealer – it is super conveniently shaped and has a little brush tip that you can paint on your face where you want it. It is creamy but it isn’t a thin texture – it has hydration but you can definitely tell that it is a concealer. I got the shade medium even though I have light/medium skin and again, I think the undertone of this is really nice (olive-y) which helps it flatter the undereye. It is a great creamy and blendable summer concealer!

4. Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in “Safe Word” – I got this during the lipstick day sale at Sephora and I know these are old but they were on sale so I decided to try one. I got the shade Safe Word for a muted pinky nude look and I really love this shade for a flattering neutral. It is hydrating all day long and just gives me old school vibes but I like that it isn’t too brown and doesn’t deaden my lips. Very 90s netural.

Urban Decay Lash Freak | VoxBox Review

Urban Decay Lash Freak | VoxBox Review

I received this product complimentary from Influenster. This is one of the most odd mascara wand shapes I’ve ever used. It has rubber teeth in a curvature on one side with a ball of rubber spikes at the end. The other side of the wand has no spikes at all. The formula is more lengthening than it is volumizing. I find that I enjoy applying this mascara- I think the key is just that you need to figure out how to make it work for your eyes because it’s a wand most of us aren’t used to. The formula has good staying power and it doesn’t flake or melt onto the under eye.