Where Fall Arrives Just a Bit Earlier…

It’s been just about one month since my plane touched down in the “city of a hundred spires” also known as Prague.  Prague is in the Czech Republic, which is a fairly small country right in the heart of Europe.  The city itself basically looks like a fairy tale land.  It’s full of castles and gothic statues and spires that are super old.  And basically every house here has a red roof.  It’s really something.

My roomate Rachel and I are here in Prague to play soccer for the fall season in the Czech Republic league. Some highlights thus far…

Getting KICKED OUT of our apartment because of multiple complaints by the Czech villagers that Rachel and I were too noisy.  We were told to be “quiet as mice” after our first complaint.  It turns out that first complaints get sent straight to the town Mayor! Who would have thought.  Sadly, we didn’t get to meet the town mayor before we were moved about one block away from our new stadium into a completely different, and might I add.. much nicer 5th floor apartment that was recently abandoned by our manager’s best friend in order to make room for us.  Sweet blessings in disguise. 

There is a little European pub called Chelsea Restaurant that the manager of our team owns.  So we are allowed to eat there for free any time we want.  Most days, it is Rachel, me, and a bunch of the older men in the village there for dinner at night watching soccer.  One day, I decided to use the restroom and proceeded to walk out of the restroom without apparently shutting the door completely.  Of this thoughtless action I was completely unaware.  Upon sitting back down at my table, I look up to see many heads being shaken at me.  Fingers were pointing at the restroom and glares were being sent my way.  Finally, somebody screams at me in czech.  I throw my arms up in disbelief only to spot my crime out of the corner of my eye.  I quickly arise from my seat to go fix the problem, but not before a villager has already shut the door for me. 

Rachel and I decided to go into the city to show her friend around Prague on the day before our biggest game yet, and the first game that we were allowed to play in.  We had a great day taking pictures and eating gelato.  We found a cafe at the top of a huge building called the dancing house with great views of the city. The day was fun, but we decided to head back home around dinnertime because we wanted to rest before our game the next day.  We always have to take the metro and a few busses to get into and out of the city from our apartment. So on our way back, we started eating these wonderful treats called banana chips.  Yogurt covered freeze dried bananas.  They are famous here.  After my first banana chip, I didn’t want another one.  I sensed that something was amiss, but I wasn’t sure what.  After our forty minute metro ride, it was time to get on a bus.  The problem seemed to be that every time I took a step, my stomach hurt with increasing pain.  I made it back to our apartment and within five minutes was throwing up excessively.  I made my way back to the couch only to find that Rachel had begun to throw out complaints of a stomachache.  It was then that I knew we were in for some trouble.  This was only  the beginning of one of the worst but most amusing nights of our lives consisting of taking turns going to the bathroom, screaming, and calling our parents crying.  It was six in the morning before the flu had finally subsided.  Needless to say, we missed that game.

My favorite thing about being in the Czech Republic in late August is that fall seems to have made its way here a little bit earlier than the fall I’m used to.  I love the 60 and 70 degree weather and leaves and getting to wear long sleeves for the first time in a long time.  
That is allllllll folks.

Where Fall Arrives Just a Bit Earlier…